Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Salesforce DX is now Generally Available(GA)

Wade Wegner who is Vice President Salesforce DX/Salesforce today(17th Oct 2017) announced that Salesforce DX is now Generally Available for all. He announced this on Twitter through this pinned tweet "I'm incredibly excited to share that is now GA. Congrats to an amazing team & thanks to all of you!" and through the Salesforce Developer Blog

Please note that the Salesforce DX was previously in Open Pilot for some time and then through last few months it was in Beta. Even in Beta phase it was quite stable.

Customers can enable Dev Hub on their production org or if they want to try Salesforce DX, they can register for a trial dev hub org through this link

Once registered the users can download the CLI tool ( )and use it to do development, create scratch orgs, push and pull source code from these scratch orgs.

Developers can also use it to deploy and retrieve metadata from Sandbox and Production orgs. They can even use it for destructive deployments for deleting metadata from the orgs.

Visual Studio Code is now officially supported Text Editor instead of IDE which is not very surprising for most developers as IDE which is eclipse based in very challenging to work with.

The Visual Studio Code editor has nice code completion feature implemented using Apex Language Services. Syntax highlighting for Visualforce and HTML code is supported.

Since Salesforce DX CLI tool can output json it is very useful for chaining of tasks and scripting in CI/CD Tools like Jenkins.

We have created several videos on Salesforce DX. Please visit our channel to find out more.Here is the link

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